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  1. mtmccox

    How many Maiden fans does it take to change a light bulb?

    Post your funny ideas. The one with most funny answer will get that thing I didn't come up with so far.  :ninja:
  2. mtmccox

    One year with ...

    You are about to be closed in a motel room for one year. Food is supplied three times a day, also hygienic stuff, all things so you can live. You make take this with you 1 album (can be double) 1 videogame 1 movie 1 season of some series 1 book 1 drug (can be beer, coffee etc) My choices...
  3. mtmccox

    Guess the song by a lame description

    It should be something not too obvious (Man kills an albatross and pays for it - bad example ) but of course something that is possible to guess. You can describe what is happening in the song, or the sound (if it's possible to determine by your description) or other things - it's up to you...