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  1. Viperlord

    Sun and Steel

    6/10. Average. I like it, but the good riff is balanced out by some weak vocal melodies. Nothing much to write home about here, just quite average by Maiden standards.
  2. Viperlord

    Quest For Fire

    You know, I had never disliked this song as much as most seemed to. Then I just went back and relistened to it. Argh, it somehow got significantly worse for me since I last heard it. There's nothing other than the solos I can praise at all. 3/10. One of Maiden's worst songs.
  3. Viperlord

    Die With Your Boots On

    7/10. Opening riff is killer, chorus gets a bit silly and annoying, but Bruce does sound great here. I like it, but not a truly great song by Maiden standards.
  4. Viperlord

    To Tame a Land

    7/10. An unpopular opinion I'm sure, but while the music is very good, the lyrics do not grab me in any way, and the final product is a nice song, but not one that I listen to outside of listening to Piece of Mind as a whole.
  5. Viperlord


    9/10. A truly great song, I love the lyrics and Bruce's performance here especially, and I don't have any significant complaints. It is not quite special enough for me to merit the absolute highest grade, however.
  6. Viperlord

    Where Eagles Dare

    8/10. Great song, really. Not quite in the absolute upper tier of Maiden songs, however, and they've done better openers.
  7. Viperlord

    Flight of Icarus

    7/10. Good rocker, nice solos, sounds great live. But not a song that I would normally go out of my way to listen to, which is what makes or breaks the difference between a 7 or higher for me. Also, lyrics do rather butcher the mythology.
  8. Viperlord

    The Trooper

    10/10. I truly never get tired of this song. A classic in all the best possible senses of the word. This song gallops your mind's eye straight into the Charge of the Light Brigade.
  9. Viperlord

    Still Life

    8/10. A nice little gem from Dave Murray, great song. Not quite special enough for a 9 to me, as the vocals strike me as awkward at times in the chorus.
  10. Viperlord

    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    Yes, the band's first double album, made at this point in their career, could not be a clearer sign that they do not really care anymore and lack passion for what they do.
  11. Viperlord

    IRON MAIDEN SURVIVOR 2015: Results - Hallowed wins again!

    Shame about the borefest that is the lyrics.
  12. Viperlord

    IRON MAIDEN SURVIVOR 2015: Results - Hallowed wins again!

    The Prisoner Flight of Icarus Where Eagles Dare Two Minutes to Midnight Revelations (voting for this one hurts)
  13. Viperlord

    Unpopular Maiden Opinions

    Personally I think you're all crazy, the album is brilliant and still has a lot to digest, and I still listen to it whenever I have the time to spare.
  14. Viperlord

    IRON MAIDEN SURVIVOR 2015: Results - Hallowed wins again!

    The Duellists with more votes than Icarus, To Tame A Land, or Prisoner? You people are crazy. :p
  15. Viperlord

    IRON MAIDEN SURVIVOR 2015: Results - Hallowed wins again!

    The Prisoner Flight of Icarus To Tame A Land Still Life Where Eagles Dare.
  16. Viperlord

    Redeemer of Souls Vs. The Book of Souls

    I actually enjoyed Redeemer but The Book of Souls is by far the better album on every level.
  17. Viperlord

    Total Eclipse

    7/10. Still an interesting song, not a stand-out compared to most others on the album though.
  18. Viperlord


    A few more elements of this song have grown on me over the years, but it's still pretty average fare for Maiden. 6/10.
  19. Viperlord


    While energetic, it ultimately falls a bit flat compared to other Maiden openers, and doesn't stand out much, though it does have some good basswork and drums. 6/10.
  20. Viperlord

    Run to the Hills

    7/10. Still a very good song, but it does not really have the staying power of some other classics for me.