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  1. naikon

    Possibility to disable automatic embedded Youtube video

    Hi Say for example I want to link to a specific time stamp of a Youtube video, I get a link like this: But if I paste that link in a post it automatically removes the link and embeds a Youtube video instead. Id like to see an option to disable this for...
  2. naikon

    Your favorite 10 seconds of Maiden?

    You've been visited by the devil and you can no longer listen to any Maiden songs. Except a 10 second section of your choice. What would you choose?
  3. naikon

    Why did Adrian change his solo in Stranger in a Strange Land on Ed Hunter tour 99?

    The solo in SIASL is one of my favorite in the whole world and I love to watch the few live recordings of the song that exists. Both from the 86/87 tour and the Ed hunter tour in 99. But im surprised and sad that Adrian changed a big part of the solo to the worse in the 99-tour Listen to this at...
  4. naikon

    Was Somewhere Back in Time their best tour ever?

    Reflecting on the times Ive seen Maiden and about what tour I think was their best ever. My conclusion is that SBiT 2008-2009 was their best tour ever. - The setlist was absolutely amazing - The guys were in their best years and their performance was outstanding - The general hype and vibe of...
  5. naikon

    Songs where Nicko hits the china cymbal

    Powerslave - 0:00 2 Minutes to Midnight - 3:29 The Longest Day - 5:39 The Duellists - 1:49 and 2:51 (thanks forostar) These Colours Dont Run - 3:31 Running Free (live) - 2:10 Link Please help me fill up with more songs cause ive surely missed some