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  1. Black Wizard

    Which will happen first? YOU DECIDE

    In a world of long running, drawn out, tedious sagas that we hear about day after day after day with everyone and their dog giving their opinions, I have decided to put it to the people and ask the important question of the day: Which of these events will happen first? There's Brexit - where...
  2. Black Wizard

    Iron Maiden jigsaw puzzles

    A bit of Iron Maiden news way more exciting than a new album: Among other bands such as Judas Priest and Slayer, 500piece jigsaw puzzles of Iron Maiden album covers are now available to...
  3. Black Wizard


    Since they've just released a new EP I felt it was time that Delain had their own thread. The new EP 'Hunter's Moon' has four new songs and a bunch of live songs from their tour with Marco Hietala from Nightwish. Of the four new songs, two are actually written by the guitarists Timo Somers and...
  4. Black Wizard

    Yet another Iron Maiden beer

    Big news from the Iron Maiden camp! A new Maiden album? Nope. A new Bruce album then? Nope. OK then, so it's a new compilation album? Nope. What is it? IT'S ANOTHER FUCKING BEER! It...
  5. Black Wizard

    Happy Maidenfans Christmas

    Happy Christmas to all the Maidenfans around the world. @The Flash and @Wogmidget have already got there.
  6. Black Wizard

    LEGACY OF THE BEAST 2019 July 2019 18 - Sunrise, FL, USA – BB&T Center 20 - Atlanta, GA, USA - Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood 22 - Charlotte, NC, USA - PNC Music Pavilion 24 - Washington DC, USA - Jiffy Lube Live 26 - Brooklyn, NY, USA – Barclays...
  7. Black Wizard

    Within Temptation

    New album 'Resist' will be released on December 14th. :) I will be seeing them in Manchester in November.
  8. Black Wizard

    Legacy of the Beast 2018 Tour

  9. Black Wizard

    Steve Harris' House

    STEVE HARRIS Wants To Turn His English House Into 'Boutique Hotel' For IRON MAIDEN Fans :lol::lol::lol::lol: Steve is getting really desperate to sell his house, but he's so...
  10. Black Wizard

    Another Iron Maiden beer It's called Hallowed, so they probably stole the recipe from Beckett.
  11. Black Wizard

    2017 Tour Announcement on Friday! :down: to paperless tickets but :edmetal: to tour announcement!
  12. Black Wizard

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Top of the morning to you! :cheers: Today is the day when we celebrate the greatest country on Earth: Ireland! As we all know Ireland is widely known to have one of the world's strongest economies and is the breadbasket of Europe. It is also the home of Guinness and Magners. Rather fittingly...
  13. Black Wizard

    Ideal Festival Line-Ups

    I'm carrying this over from a topic I brought up in chat: what is your ideal festival line-up? Rules: 1. 3 day festival 2. One headliner per day 3. You can have eight bands per day. 4. Bands must be alive, so no Dio opening for Dio-era Black Sabbath! You can also name your festival and decide...
  14. Black Wizard

    2014 Tour Rumours

    I have just read on another forum that there is a rumour that Iron Maiden will be one of the headliners for Hellfest in France next year. No source was given but I thought I'd throw it out there
  15. Black Wizard

    And the 2013 setlist was....

    1. Moonchild 2. Can I Play With Madness? 3. The Prisoner 4. 2 Minutes to Midnight 5. Afraid to Shoot Strangers 6. The Trooper 7. The Number of the Beast 8. Phantom of the Opera 9. Run to the Hills 10. Wasted Years 11. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 12. The Clairvoyant 13. Fear of the Dark 14. Iron...
  16. Black Wizard

    Black Sabbath UK tour

    I got this in an e-mail from Live Nation, and I thought it might interest one or two people here: And in an e-mail from The Hydro in Glasgow there was the following link: with the following information:
  17. Black Wizard

    Hyperlink colour

    Would it be possible to change the colour of hyperlinks embedded as text please? They look very much the same as ordinary text so it's not so easy to notice that there's a link in a post.
  18. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard's Top 50

    I have decided to jump on the insert board member's name here Top Iron Maiden songs bandwagon. I know that I am joining in a little late but I need something to keep me occupied during the Christmas Holiday. My countdown should contain enough surprises and "blasphemies" to keep it interesting...
  19. Black Wizard

    Anniversary of the Beast?

    Next year, 2012, will mark thirty years since the now legendary album 'The Number of the Beast' was released. Containing classics such as 'Run to the Hills', 'Hallowed be thy Name' and the title track, this album became Iron Maiden's first Number 1 album in the UK. Now, on the Sonisphere...
  20. Black Wizard

    Ticket for Glasgow available

    Last week my friend had to pull out because something came up and he can't get out of it. I now have a spare ticket for the Glasgow show next Wednesday (20th July). I'm selling it for £47 which includes the service charge, postage and missed event insurance that I paid for when purchasing the...