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  1. Navigators Ghost

    Iron Maiden Tattoo's

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone has/would consider getting an Iron Maiden tattoo or seen any abysmal ones online? My mind was wandering at work earlier and trying to think of something a bit different if I was to get one :D
  2. Navigators Ghost

    What does this button do?

    Hi all Anyone had a chance to pick this up yet; if so any thoughts so far? Going to purchase my copy in Leeds Waterstones this coming Saturday when good old Brucey is doing a book signing!
  3. Navigators Ghost

    Bruce Springsteen

    Hey guys Couldn't see a thread on The Boss so thought I'd start one being 'obsessed' with both him and Maiden as my girlfriend says! What's everyone's favourite song and why?
  4. Navigators Ghost

    As I Lay Dying

    Hi all!! Has anyone else seen this? What do we all think of a possible return of Mr Lambesis? :)