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  1. 22 The Avenue

    Lamb of God

    After Randy Blythe's trial in Prague for manslaughter charges, Lamb of God is releasing their first album in five years and I expect it to be rife with emotion after his scary legal issues. They released a new single today and it's the same ole LoG I know and love. Being a Virginian, it's...
  2. 22 The Avenue

    Somewhere In Time: Album Discussion

    I am still "digesting" this album, but wow is it a good one. It is 1986 and this album definitely feels like the peak of the 1980s in its synthesizer sound. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned though. I love the time travel theme of the album and most, if not all, of its songs seem to...
  3. 22 The Avenue

    Powerslave: Album Discussion

    This is right up there with NOTB as the two best albums thus far for me. When you have 7 of the 8 songs being 9's at worst, that shows how strong the album is. A fun listen every time. The guitars, bruce's vocals. Perfect. I love the egyptian theme of most of the album and artwork.
  4. 22 The Avenue

    Piece of Mind: Album Discussion

    Piece of Mind was a solid follow up to the great Number of the Beast. It started strong, remained so throughout it's middle, but did fizzle out slightly near the back end of the album. I read that To Tame a Land was originally supposed to be named Dune, after the famous novel. The author of...
  5. 22 The Avenue

    As I Lay Dying

    Do we have any As I Lay Dying fans on here? It breaks my heart that Tim Lambesis' stupidity led to an early demise from what is probably the best Metalcore band of all time, in my opinion. All of their albums are solid, but Frail Words Collapse was my first experience, so it cannot be anything...
  6. 22 The Avenue

    The Number of the Beast: Album Discussion

    This thread is for the album "The Number of the Beast". Of the first three albums, this one is without question the best album. I liked Paul Di'Anno but there's nothing better than Bruce Dickinson's classic howl that you hear right out of the gates in "Invaders". There is not a single bad song...
  7. 22 The Avenue

    Killers: Album Discussion

    This thread is for the album "Killers". Note: No intention to take away from the killers concept album thread. The second and final album featuring Paul Di'Anno is one that leaves me feeling so-so about it as an entire album. I have now heard IM, Killers and NOTB and Killers is IMO, the weakest...
  8. 22 The Avenue

    Iron Maiden: Album Discussion

    I was working my way through the IM commentary threads and I love the idea of a thread devoted to discussing each song. I realized we also need a thread for general discussion related to the albums. I will be creating them as I work my way through the discography for the first time, in...