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  1. TheNew#2

    REMACHINED - Featuring Iron Maiden!!!

    Just posted by Deep Purple on Facebook: 'The rock album of the year - due September 2012 and to be announced later today by Classic Rock Magazine - REMACHINED is a celebration 40 years in the making, to commemorate the musical milestone that is Deep Purple's Machine Head. Featuring some of...
  2. TheNew#2

    Anyone want a sig making?

    If anyone wants me to make them a picture with their username and/or desired text on it, to put in their signature, I'd be happy to do it. If you would like one, please provide: 1. The picture to be used (obviously to be cut down to size). 2. The desired text to be put on it. 3. Any other...
  3. TheNew#2

    Tour T-Shirts?

    I had to make a swift move after the Glasgow show, and with a swarm of people trying to navigate their way out of the venue, buying a T-shirt was not practical given the long journey back home. So I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a tour shirt, if I can at all, or whether they may...