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  1. gor

    When did Maiden leave EMI in Europe?

    I must have missed that one and I wonder how come no one has mentioned it since they were there since the beginning.
  2. gor

    THE most insightful documentary I've ever seen: Energy-Economy-Ecology

    I usually do not promote things over the internet, but this documentary deserves to be seen by all. Spare 3.5 hours and watch it, you will be profoundly shocked. This is an one man project, meant to be free for all. You can stream it online or you can download it on emule or torrent. The link...
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    Wolfsbane Detailed Discography Tracklist

    Some of you might have come across my similar undertakings for Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest, Halford, Motorhead and Venom  Discographies. Since I have a new found appreciation for Wolfsbane and started looking into their back catalogue, I put together a list that might prove a...
  4. gor

    Hocus Pocus Lyrics (as sung by Nicko McBrain)

    ;) (sensless babble) could know you should But you know I love you too! 1:05 - Solo: Smith 2:29 - Solo: Gers 3:14 - Solo: Murray *( Hope I got the solos right! ) (more sensless babble) If you love me and I love you I love you more than you love me! (sensless babble yet again)...
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    In search of Iron Maiden interviews

    If anyone has any number of old interviews (especially pre 1990 ones) from the band in any fileform and feels like doing a good deed for the day please send them to me at gorbeast @ hotmail . com.
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    Nicko says there may be a 2nd US tour leg! New interview ... aiden.html Band Name: Iron Maiden Interviewed: Nicko Mcbrain Interviewer: Jason Fisher Date: 2006-09-27 The Gauntlet: What is going on? Nicko: I just finished my work for the day and I’m going to go down to the pub and get blotto’d. I don’t...
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    New Bruce Dickinson Interview (in French). Translation needed...

    New Bruce Dickinson Interview (in French). Translation needed... 21 juin/Fκte de la musique. Encore passablement flinguιs par nos deux heures de sommeil post concert des Guns ΰ Bercy, c’est la langue au papier de verre et le teint blafard...
  8. gor

    New interview by Bruce. In German, translation needed... any of our German speaking friends feel like translating this or at least stressing out the intresting points? I have posted this interview on 3 Maiden forums, first one to get a decent translation will be reposted on the other forums as well so...
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    Anyone speak spannish? ( AMOLAD REVIEW)

    El álbum se puede catalogar de muchas maneras, pero si algún adjetivo lo califica bien es arriesgado. “A Matter Of Life And Death” es en general complejo, lento a la par que épico, con canciones muy largas y muchos pasajes instrumentales, generalmente de corte progresivo, que resultaran...
  10. gor

    Legacy Dvd: Unofficial But Includes Some Intresting Trivia

    I have to say, this unofficial biographical DVD was good to watch. It contains extensive interviews with Di’Anno and Stratton and smaller snippets of Murray, Dickinson and Harris. Also contains extensive interviews from guys like Garry Bushel, Tony Platt, magazine editors, early fans with...
  11. gor

    "be Quick" From Donni = "be Quick" From Arldo

    Intrigued by this thread over at the IMBB, I played the two versions back to back enough times to realise that, indeed, it is the same recording. The ARLDO booklet states that the version of this song was recorded in Super Rock 92 in Mannheim, Germany, but it seems that this is but another...
  12. gor

    The Star Symbol On The Floor Of The Dod Cover And Its Significance

    During the DOTR documentary, Nicko reffers to the symbol on the DOD cover floor as a "12 pointed star". I've done a bit of searching and have found that it is found in many cultures as a symbol with variating symbolism: "12 Pointed Stars are found cross culturally and can refer to the 12...
  13. gor

    Judas Priest Detailed Discography Tracklist

    I have already done similar lists for Maiden and Dickinson solo. I was sure that Priest was going to be the next band I would be composing this list for, because their catalogue, just like Maiden’s and Dickinson’s, is full of obscure songs. Mostly live renditions, but nonetheless cool to have...
  14. gor

    The Bruce Dickinson Detailed Discography Tracklist

    Made as a continuation of the idea behind the respective Iron Maiden list (found here). Iron Maiden recordings have not been included in the list. Contributions / Additions / Corrections are welcome! LAST UPDATE SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2005 Credits: Nightwing 7, Xmachina, Promethean, Forostar, Henrik...
  15. gor

    Info missing about Trooper single Bsides

    Ok, the official site has announced the following bsides: Murders In The Rue Morgue (Live 2005?)* Another Life (Live 2005) Prowler (Live 2005) But, has announced a german single with another bside a while back [a href=\'\'...
  16. gor

    Anti-MAIDEN Message On Back Of OZZFEST Tshirt?

    An IRON MAIDEN fan with the screen name "Kaz96133" has posted the following message on the official MAIDEN message board: "Went to Ozzfest in Mansfield yesterday and noticed something on the back of the official [Ozzfest] T-shirt. At the bottom of tour dates, the words 'Iron Maiden' were...
  17. gor

    New Eddie in Swedish Newspaper

    [img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' /] Thanks to Agassi of the Maiden BB for uploading and sharing this pic. It looks a hell lot like the Wildest Dreams videoclip CGI Eddie, with hair instead of a hat.
  18. gor

    Questions about registering copyrights

    Ok, as I have nearly completed my 100th reread and corrected of my english/greek lyric translation and greek commentary book, I am finally thinking about registering it and starting the effort of issuing it (in Greece). Nevertheless, I have many, many questions about the process. Here they are...
  19. gor

    Eternal (TOS Japan bonus track)

    It's a mellow 6 minute ballad that sounds something like Pink Floyd meets Dickinson. It really feels like something out of "The Dark Side Of The Moon" to me. It's a good song and a nice round off to a good album. Here are the lyrics, excactly how they are sung, not like the booklet, because...