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  1. TheNew#2

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Exactly, or even better Newcastle, alas I shall have to be patient :innocent:
  2. TheNew#2

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    North Cumbria, about 40 minutes from the Scottish boarder :p
  3. TheNew#2

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Well sorry but 60 quid before I've even got to London is bonkers.
  4. TheNew#2

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Well chaps you were right the standing had completely gone at 9:03. Sorry Maiden, but I'm not impressed.
  5. TheNew#2

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    True but it's such a gamble... :p well let's just be thankful that Maiden aren't completely daft and aren't competing with some *cough* Sabbath *cough* ticket prices! Though even £45.75 as it says on axs is slightly eyebrow raising...
  6. TheNew#2

    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Fair point, not so sure I'm in favour of this whole ticketless system, bit of a farce saying fans shouldn't loose out on tickets but then they could get screwed if loads have gone in the presales and that's it theyre gone (i don't mind paying a tout a bit extra if that what it takes); the...
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    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    How man?
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    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Question number 2 with it being 'ticketless' will it sell out quick, i.e by the end of tomorrow? Just what you guys reckon? :p
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    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    If the presales have sold out on standing, surely that can't be ALL the standing tickets for the whole gig just gone??? Is there not just a batch given to the presale holders to shift, before all the rest of the tickets go on sale?
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    Maiden At The O2 This August?

    Not been on here in ages, interesting to see your thoughts on this particular topic. Hopefully going to make it down there and go for a pint in the Ruskin Arms in the afternoon!
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    This is what I'm talking about! I'm there! :D
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    [Help] What is so special about Iron Maiden in your opinion

    Yeah, this what I've always adored about Davey's playing, the extensive use of the neck pickup and his strong attack which is 'effortlessly technical', if you will. He's always been my favourite Maiden guitarist, even when I first saw a band picture having only heard a few Maiden songs, I...
  13. TheNew#2

    Maiden England Tour 2012/2013!

    This was published in my local paper on the 30th, so looks like they were already back in blighty before then anyway (so I'm guessing the mystery Toronto show never was) :
  14. TheNew#2

    All albums up to Seventh Son being re-released on picture disc

    Saw this, definetly want a Powerslave one :D
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    FUNNY / RANDOM / WEIRD Pictures...

    Hahaha this is completely me:
  16. TheNew#2

    Dilemma with Megadeth Concert

    This is an interesting predicament, pretty sure Testament did a song about it... ;) Seriously it will be brilliant as a first proper gig [Y]
  17. TheNew#2

    your ultimate opening and closing song?

    Opening: Caught Somewhere In Time (even if it sounded shit -or whatever was said- in the Maiden England rehersals) Closing: Drifter
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    Happy Birthday to Bruce Dickinson!

    A superb chap, an inspiration to us all. Happy Birthday Brurce!:applause:
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    London 2012 Olympics

    Annoyed I missed this... Moving on, Ennis has this in the bag I reckon..
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    London 2012 Olympics

    I was somewhat skeptical about the Olympics at first (I wasn't against them like some people in the UK seem to be :confused: just not all that interested) but there's been some really exciting stuff on, the hockey I saw the other day was mental, the crowd was that pumped it was like a footie...