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    Thunderstick (Samson) Interview talks Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Samson

    In Part 2 of the Iron Maiden Chronicles Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to former Samson/Iron Maiden drummer Barry Graham Purkis AKA Thunderstick about the early years in NWOBHM band Samson with Singer Bruce Dickinson ( Iron Maiden). Thunderstick also spoke about a new...
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    Blaze Bayley (Ex Iron Maiden)NEW Acoustic Album Aug 2017, plus Fan questions

    Blaze Bayley (Ex Iron Maiden)NEW Acoustic Album Aug 2017, plus Fan questions
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    Thunderstick (X Iron Maiden) Talks Iron Maiden 1977 Rehearsal Tapes & early history

    Barry Graham Purkis (Thunderstick) spoke about the Holy Grail 1977 Iron Maiden PRE-Soundhouse rehearsal tapes which featured many of the songs on the first Iron Maiden album as well as two songs off Iron maiden's Killer albums. Plus a new book and album in the near future. Plus a benefit gig...
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    Blaze Bayley (Ex Iron Maiden) Tour Documentary- Part 2

    In Part 2 Blaze Bayley is followed on his journey from the U.K. to Montreal, Canada where he rehearse with the local Canadian touring band, shops at Walmart for some needed items for the tour and does an in depth interview on his story growing up in Birmingham.
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    Blaze Bayley (Ex-Iron Maiden) Tour Documentary - Part 1

    Part 1 Blaze Bayley is at his home in the Birmingham, England preparing his luggage and documents for his travel to Canada. Part one also includes commentary by Rock Author Martin Popoff and Bassist/ vocalist of Venom Inc, Tony Dolan
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    Blaze Bayley Video interview (ex-Iron Maiden) November 11 2013

    lol thx, I am gonna call him up and do his next music video
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    Iron Maiden En Vivo review-Wolfsbane Save the World review-The Metal Voice

    Check out our review of Iron Maiden En Vivo. Up the irons!!!