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    Let's try and get 1,000,000 replies to this post

    Wife in bed all day with "morning" sickness :( But still means baby #2 is on the way :)
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    Paula Radcliffe and Iron Maiden on the BBC

    You're welcome.
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    Prodigal Son

    The definition of an average song, albeit with some superior guitar moments. 5/10
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    A beast of an intro leading into an energetic classic, with the solos setup by an excellent bridge section. Highlight: Di'Anno knows how to scream. Lowlight: Not a big fan of pausing after each line in the verse here. 8/10
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    Innocent Exile

    Groovy track with lots to enjoy, but nothing outstanding. Highlight: The inter-verse interlude. Lowlight: The "Uh" towards the end. 7/10
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    Another Life

    Fun repetitive song with random out-of-place punk section and odd ending. Highlight: The main riff is great Lowlight: The random out-of-place punk section 5/10
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    Murders in the Rue Morgue

    A delightful intro attached to an infectiously energetic, if slightly repetitive, song. 8/10
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    One of the gems of early Maiden; the bass intro gets me every time. 10/10
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    The Ides of March

    Largely superfluous intro with some wonderful guitar work. Highlight: Adrian Smith Lowlight: "Wrathchild" offers a better intro to "Wrathchild" than this 5/10
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    Iron Maiden: Album Discussion

    Remember Tomorrow: 9 Phantom of the Opera: 9 Iron Maiden: 8 Strange World: 7 Prowler: 7 Running Free: 7 Transylvania: 7 Sanctuary: 6 Charlotte the Harlot: 3 Average: 7
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    Iron Maiden

    Predictable but enjoyable; classic for a reason. Highlight: Every time I hear that opening... wow... Lowlight: Paul invites us into his room too many times. 8/10
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    Charlotte the Harlot

    Bad music accompanied by bad lyrics. 3/10
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    Strange World

    A wonderfully atmospheric song that could do with a bit more direction. Highlight: Guitarwork before the first verse. Lowlight: It takes too long to end. 7/10
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    Catchily energetic instrumental with excellent fast-paced section. Highlight: I love the final solo / bass interaction Lowlight: I would prefer a clean ending. 7/10