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    Rorkes Drift Print By Tommy Pons...

    Monday is the last day for pre-orders in case anyone is interested.
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    Stage designs/concepts

    I'm still miffed that they had a hack artist steal one of my Eddies, which was used on an official tour shirt as well as part of a stage back drop.
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    Rorkes Drift Print By Tommy Pons...

    20 have already been sold...down to 46 available at the moment.
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    Rorkes Drift Print By Tommy Pons...

    Hey guys, I'm offering the first of a number of prints of my Maiden art for sale...Each print is signed and numbered and limited to only 66 copies..If anyone is interested, please email me at the email listed in the ad or shoot me a message here. Thanks !
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    The Official Book of Souls Tour 2016 Thread (Warning: Spoilers within!)

    Where are you guys hearing/watching this?
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    New Eddie Doodles...

    Hey LC... Absolutely will ship to Canada... Did I check something wrong in the auction?
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    New Eddie Doodles...

    Another Eddie up for auction:
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    New Eddie Doodles...

    Hey guys...Ive been working on a few dozen new Eddies that will be printed in a collection of artwork sometime in 2015...Here's one up on Ebay at the moment...lots more to come. :rocker:
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    Art Print/Project..Pre-Orders Needed...

    Hey Everyone, I've been giving it a lot of thought and I've decided to release a sketchbook/art book in February 2012 that will be a collection of black and white, brush/Ink illustrations. Each book will be 48-56 pages including full colour front and back covers... Then I found out how much it...
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    Prowler Eddie Doodle...

    Done in Brush/Ink and acrylics(black, yellow and white) on Strathmore 500 series illustration board...measures approx 9"x12". $75 + shipping...Includes a signed copy of "Eddies" fanzine.
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    My Original Trooper Art on Ebay...

    Here's an original mixed media (brush/ink, transparent acrylics)  illustration I did recently which is currently listed on Ebay...check it out! ... 1e5ea5e474
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    Eddie ACEO Cards...

    Thanks guys... A few bids so far but there are a bunch of people watching the auctions...I hope the bidding kicks in by the weekend...we'll see.
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    Tap Legion's Eddie artwork

    Thanks ACEO Cards are up on Ebay in case anyone is interested. ... 1e5e47c0d8 ... 1e5e47cc8a ... 1e5e47d346 ...
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    Eddie ACEO Cards...

    Okay, here we go...the auctions are up and running ! Links are below images.
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    Eddie ACEO Cards...