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    The Apparition

    really good song actually. hadn't heard it in ages as i basically never play FOTD anymore but I really dig the spirit of the lyrics, much better than the gloomy reactionary shit they started falling into after this album. and the riff at 1:30 is goofy but cool. rated it 8/10.
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    The Man Of Sorrows

    great song, should be Jeremy Corbyn's campaign tune
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    The Book of Souls: General album discussion

    yep. if anything, it feels like Davey's the one slacking a bit... there's a lot of digital editing and timewarping on the record, mostly apparent on the longer tracks (I'm trying to give Nicko a little credit here, he couldn't be playing some of these parts this inconsistently)... this is the...
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    Shadows Of The Valley

    this is the one i always skip now i'm actually embarrassed by the intro. just imagine them starting to play it live and the whole crowd expecting to hear WY.. would work fine as a prank, i guess. the whole song is a derivative mess. there are good parts to it, but they've done most of them...
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    Empire Of The Clouds

    i'd have expected this one to be a more polarizing, love/hate affair for me, but it's just middling. i don't skip it or anything, and it's nice as a journey, but i don't see myself returning to it a lot in the future.
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    When The River Runs Deep

    much more fun/interesting than Speed of Light and Death or Glory, that's for sure
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    Fastest Maiden song ever!?

    Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger's quick part is up there too.
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    Five years later: The Final Frontier revisited

    it's still a big snooze