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    Best ever live performances by Bruce?

    phantom 2005 gothenburg
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    Most underated songs

    strange world unbeliever sea of madness the three songs from powerslave never performed live (village, duel, flash) the killers album (as in most of the album not played live in many years , twilight zone, purgatory, genghis khan, innocent exile etc: as in wrathchild, murders, killers and the...
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    live CD

    bruce II and bruce III despite the fact that i i am not aware of ANY good live renditions (in terms of quality audio) of to tame a land (83), stranger in a strange land, sea of madness, caught somwhere in time, and lonliness of the long distance runner (all from 86-87, again, im not aware of any...
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    Iron Maiden songs – a rough overview of their “live history”

    great list , but i have to point out that killers was played on tour number 8 as it is included on the nec show that maiden england is from
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    Essential: Albums all metal fans should own/know.

    i'll play , but there are some glaring omissions if you are going to include rush moving pictures , then some other old school albums need to be included as well deep purple machine head , this album along with led zeppelin 2 and budgie ST debut is (are) the grand father(s) of metal, very heavy...
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    Which Iron Maiden album would you like to see performed live in its entirety?

    great list, its perfect plus adding starblind is an awesome song, i agree with you completely
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    Favorite Maiden Album (2010 Edition, voting closed)

    powerslave though i love all of the albums up to 7th son, hated the next 2 albums (npftd and fotd) so much i took a 15 year break from maiden, got death on the road , liked it , then got amolad and loved it very much, then i got everything from maiden i could (i already had the minivinyl...
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    Favorite Maiden Live Album (2010 Edition, voting closed)

    the ridiculously overpriced 17 track so called "fan club" release of maiden japan is a glorified bootleg (i own it, it is good sounding but a bootleg nonetheless)  i dont understand what exactly makes maiden england non official eg the vhs was released in 1989 and rereleased as a video CD...