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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    Figured many would prefer the album originals as the only one I've heard others mention as better on LAD was Flight of Icarus.
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    Your Maiden blasphemy

    I prefer the Live After Death versions of most of the songs on the album better than the original album versions. The Talisman and the Alchemist are way better then Starblind & The Isle of Avalon Virtual XI and the X-Factor do not exist except as names recalling the Dark Times
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    "Coming Home" announced as Iron Maiden's next single.

    Was El Dorado ever released as a Radio Single?  If so, it got zero airplay around here, but that is not surprising as both "rock" stations around here are pretty lame.  I think I heard Breeg on the radio a grand total of twice and Different world exactly zero.
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    Coming Home

    When I stand before you shining in the early morning sun When I feel the engines roar and I think of what we've done Man, I can so clearly picture Bruce walking up to his plane, running his hand along it as he starts an early morning pre-flight.  Great imagery, especially to an airplane nut...
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    When the Wild Wind Blows

    The Man Who Would Be King It's hard to believe that a song so heavy and dark in subject matter can be so catchy, but for me it is, and never has it felt as long as it actually is.  This one is truly a new classic.
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    While there are some moments in this song that have definately grown on me, when taken on a whole, I still have this one in the bottom three of the album. 
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    Isle of Avalon

    Man, I've tried to embrace this song, I really have, but along with Starblind and TMWWBK, this song just does not do anything for me.  It is definately my least favorite of the album.  I tend not to disect them and just listen to the songs as a whole, and maybe that's why, but for whatever...
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    The Alchemist

    What other band can take an 16th century historical figure (largely unknown to most people), and turn the subject matter into a truly excellent rocker?  Amazing.
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    Are you pleased with Maiden's direction?

    Before the dark times, the short rockers were the norm with the occasional epic.  post reunion that has reversed where now you get more of the epic style as the norm with the occasional short rocker.  So no matter which you prefer, you still get some of what you love. Album wise, I think every...
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    TFF Songs In Order of how you like them

    1. When the Wild Wind Blows 2. The Alchemist 3. The Final Frontier (I have to be in the mood to give S-15 its full play) 4. El Dorado 5. THe Talisman 6. Coming Home 7. Mother of Mercy 8. Starblind 9. The Man Who Would Be King 10. The Isle of Avalon
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    Is that Eddie on the cover of TFF or not?

    Definately's there in the eyes.  Check out the nine pic page in the CD booklet - the three pictures that run diagonally from bottom left to upper right definately have the right look.  The album cover is kind of a morph between the center pic and the bottom left.
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    Iron Maiden News, Links, and Interviews

    So where does Adrian live...?  Or because he is Adrian is he always everywhere at all times?
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Re: Official thread for Final Frontier discussion (Spoilers inside) No, no.  No offense taken or implied.  That's one of the beauties of Maiden - so much to choose from that there is something for everyone. :ok:
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    Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier

    Re: Satellite 15....The Final Frontier Definately a whole new song without the video effects going over it.
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    Official thread for Final Frontier discussion

    Re: Official thread for Final Frontier discussion (Spoilers inside) Wow.  Like I said before, I get that I seem to be in the minority on this, and to each there own, but I still just don't feel it with those two songs like I do the others.