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    Oh my, revisiting Silverthorn (while playing Dark Souls) and it is just so awesome! Every friggin' song's a killer, I'm serious (despite some of the strong Seventh Wonderisms in Torn - the chorus! - and Song for Jolee).
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    What is the Rarest Song you've seen Iron Maiden perform live?

    I guess that the only relatively rare song I've ever see them perform was Afraid to Shoot Strangers and that was both relatively recently and it has been played more times than some of the other songs mentioned here, so it's no big deal. Also saw half of AMOLAD live back in 2007; again, only...
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    The worldwide politics thread

    And here I was thinking at least one of the candidates would want to tear it down because it's a modernist church spire... :(
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    Top 10 Albums by The Big Four

    Also, they represent that distinct, moshing, punkish sound that is quite different from the rest of the 4. That's why and there's it. That's why it is so. Historical importance combined with sales and representation of different approaches to the genre, which I personally find great. (Also...
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    European Politics

    Ah, "bigotry", the only sin the West still recognises as existing. Remember that, Maturin.
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    Ah, with all due respect, I can't see the differences between reading this thread and reading a Sammy Hagar fan complaining about the Roth era Van Halen. In fact, it is precisely the same. All I can say is that my sentiments are irreconcilably different from yours and although I like pretty much...
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    I probably won't finish my Sorceress write-up today, so I'll just throw in the votes before the poll is closed and post it some time later. Also, a friendly reminder to @Onhell @Diesel 11 @The Dissident @Midnight @MindRuler (I know some of you said you might vote sporadically or later, but in...
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    He hopes John Bush is making a surprise appearance at his party

    Merry birthday, mate! :cheers:
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    So, here we go... I'm probably going to split this in two, one post for each album, it's going to be long as it is. In Cauda Venenum (2019) I actually recall the last album being anticipated quite a bit and besides a few positive and mixed responses, it was soon forgotten and left behind, as...
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    GAMES DISCUSSION - submissions welcome!

    Apart from the first two, I love every Kamelot album. Yes, even Poetry (actually, the title track with the incredibly haunting performance by Simone and Hunter's Season are among my all time Kam favourites, full stop). I admit that Siege and the last one are a bit spotty in places, but even then...
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    Anyway, like I promised, here I'm reminding the people who haven't had any activity in this thread and therefore might be unaware of its existence: @Onhell @Mosh @Detective Beauregard @MrKnickerbocker @KidInTheDark666 @Midnight
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    GAMES DISCUSSION - submissions welcome!

    I'm afraid it might interest just Knicks, in the end. Why, the thought came to mind because I was listening to Silverthorn this evening (while playing Dark Souls, no less - again, it's a great fit!) and I realised how even and well done the album is - I kept wondering about how would it end up...
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    First thing tomorrow I'll tag the people who agreed to cooperate and then I'll just keep bullying those that won't have voted yet until they send their votes in, don't worry :D