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    Finally ... (we Norwegians are quite slow, aren't we?)

    The seated area behind the stage in Ullevi is very small, thats why it grew in the capacity. While twickenham is huge behind the stage. That's why it shrunk. :)
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    Top 5 Reasons Janick Gers is Still a Member of Iron Maiden

    Silly. He have been in the band longer than Adrian. He writes great songs. This constant discussion about Janick is boring.
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    Official Tourdates Discussion Thread

    You have any idea what venue it might be in Ireland? :)
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    Official Tourdates Discussion Thread

    wow.... fantastic news. Montreal, Moscow and Zaragoza.
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    What do you reckon the last thing we need from Maiden next year is...

    ^^ Yes. That's what I feel to. I dont care if they release this and I wont buy it. But they start to get a bad reputation because of all these "cash-ins" releases.  That would be a shame. Because they still make some of their best music ever. :)
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    What do you reckon the last thing we need from Maiden next year is...

    Like like the younger fans need "help" to find the old songs. What a lame excuse for releasing this. It do start to get ridiculous with all these releases. Maiden dont need to release a compilationalbum or livealbum ever again. Maybe in 20 years. Long after they quit as a active band.
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    Official Tourdates Discussion Thread

    Congrats to all Maiden fans in the US. I hope the band play in areas they havent been in a long time. :)
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    Bruce: "Tokyo Concert Filmed For Upcoming DVD"

    Strange to film a DVD at the smallest gig of the tour... Why not their hometown gig at the massive Twickenham stadium insteed!?!
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    04.02.2008 - Iron Maiden SBIT Tour, Perth, Australia(contains spoilers & video!)

    Cool clips. :) are the links themself really spoilers? :D
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    01.02.2008 - Iron Maiden SBIT Tour, Mumbai, India (contains spoilers & video!)

    Re: 01.02.2008 - Iron Maiden SBIT Tour, Mumbai, India (contains spoilers!) This is a collection of amazing songs and I love the setlist. :)
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    Maiden Mumbai press conference and pics ... emID=89752 A great video report here. The boys seem to be in great spirit. I wish I could be there. Someone mentioned before that Assen Holland could have been the biggest show on the tour. Mumbai probably is. Nearly 100 000 fans are expected to this...
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    Maiden in New Jersey

    Mexico City chow is moved from sport palace (20 000) to Foro sol stadium (about 55000). :) Most attendence number are really impressive for this tour.  B)
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    Official Tourdates Discussion Thread

    Re: More tourdates to be announced on Halloween says how do you know? Like I have said earlier, a gig in Russia would be cool. It's been a long time for metalfans there. :)
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    Ed Force One

    Funny name. I like it. :) They should put that name on the plane with big letters.  :smartarse:
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    New to Maiden

    No worries. I was just thinking that you speak very good english. :) . Interesting story and opinion you tell. I hope you and all your friends will like the concert in Costa Rica. :)