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The Random Song Review Thread

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Forostar, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    I haven't heard anyone against mckindog's idea (more here) so why not let's do it....?

    Let's turn this into a single thread plus; let anyone post any song they want to discuss whenever they want to, limit of one per week per poster.

    I'll kick off with:
    Brainstorm - Weakness Sows Its Seed from the album Metus Mortis (2001)

    Brainstorm is a less known power metal band from Germany. They are known to play a somewhat darker style of music than most power metal groups.

    They made quite a few decent songs, and I have heard worse singers in this genre. Iced Earth fans, pay special attentions to a few vocal lines in the choruses. They always make me smile because I can imagine Jon Schaffer doing such a voice exactly like that.
  2. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    What's the difference between this and Yax's thread?
  3. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    The perspective. I have explained it here http://forum.maidenfans.com/threads/random-song-warrior.22642/ but will do it here again:

    This thread features a review by the one who posts the song, though listeners can do that too of course. The Yax thread features a review by the listener (who might not know the song as well as the poster). Different perspectives. Otherwise the Yax topic would be a double topic. I see the differences but if you think Yax's topic is the same you can see that one as the double topic, not this one. The origins of this one are older.

    Anyhow, I'd appreciate it if we'll keep a thread in which the poster can make a review. The only other way is to open a new topic for every band/song we wish give more attention.
  4. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    Well then the listener could post his review on Yax's thread too. I never saw a restriction on it.
  5. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Hope this makes more sense:

    Yax's point was (I think) to just post a song without reviewing it and the first listener can review it. However, the poster needs to review the previous song in order to post a new song (that's the kind of game element). So only the listener reviews. He reviews not his own posted song but the previous song. Hence the title: The "review the previous song post" thread -> The reviewer may not know the song well.

    Back to this thread: In this "The Random Song Review Thread" (topic title taken from mckindog's idea) you don't need to make a review of a previous posted song in order to post a song and review that song of your choice yourself. So here the poster of a song reviews that same song and not unimportant: his action is not per se connected to the previous song. -> The reviewer knows the song well.
  6. mckindog

    mckindog Living for Sanctuary from the law Staff Member

    I think Foro is correct in his reading of the differences between the threads.
    But I do think the topics may be too similar to sustain both.
    Yax's thoughts are on the subject would be welcome.
    Personally I just want a space to post my thoughts on songs and read all of yours.
    And on that note, the Brainstorm song is a good one — as you say darker than a lot of power metal and far less obnoxious than much of the genre can be.
    I'd give it an eight.
  7. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    This works for me. Shoot!
  8. mckindog

    mckindog Living for Sanctuary from the law Staff Member

    Porcupine Tree: The Sound of Muzak

    I think it was Jupz who introduced me to Porcupine Tree through an earlier random song thread.
    Bought In Absentia a week or two ago and it has not left my player. This track has an irresistible pop chorus cloaking a nice lyrical attack on the music industry, all driven by some truly amazing playing. This one is a 10 for me

    Drum fans have to check out the following for a mindblowing display.
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  9. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    What a groove, and what a solo! First I wanted to give a very high 8 but then that solo came: straight 9!
    21st Rush century can't wipe the shoes of these guys !

    Again I am kind of surprised: I knew a few songs but it never clicked as well as this one. It shows that I should never lock out a band after just hearing a few tracks.
  10. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    Very boring song IMO. But then again, save for few bands, I find progressive rock immensely boring, so...
  11. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    That might be the reason why you find complex Maiden songs less good as well. But this song isn't that complex. This one is catchy with lots of melodic feel and subtle rhythm. And that solo is awesome.
  12. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    I wouldn't say that's the case.
  13. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Looking at how you like Rime and in IE's case: Dante's Inferno, I would.
    On the other hand, you rate SSOASS high. :)

    Makes me think that Progressive Rock is not heavy enough for you. :)
  14. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    Like Foro, I think you like heavy stuff more. You love bands with harsh vocals (which I despise - except for Death), you don't like progressive rock (which is my favorite genre of music). We have very different tastes, it seems. :D
  15. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    Yeah, you're both right, I prefer heavier stuff :cheers: I may change my opinion in the future though - for example - when I started listening to metal, I hated music with harsh vocals but now I like it ;) And I hated gothic metal and bands with female vocals only a year ago, but lately I found some bands from those genres that I like.
  16. Mosh

    Mosh The years just pass like trains Staff Member

    I don't remember this song, but I've heard In Absentia a few times, it's a really good album. It's almost prog meets pop in a way.

    And Steve Wilson is known around prog land as an amazing producer, which he is. He's produced a lot of stuff.
  17. Jupz

    Jupz Ancient Mariner

    Thats awesome that you love that album mckindog! Yeah it is a great song, but its not as good as Trains, Blackest Eyes, Collapse the Light into Earth, and Heartattack in a Layby for me. I would give it a 7.5-8/10.

    Make sure to get Deadwing, Lightbulb Sun, Stupid Dream and Fear of a Blank Planet next! Those are probably my top 4 PT albums, I don't really like In Absentia as much as most people I guess.

    The first 3 albums are very psychedelic, then the 4th (Signify) is kind of a transition album into their next couple (Stupid Dream, Lightbulb Sun), then In Absentia kind of starts off a more prog metal trend which continues for their next 3 albums. I think I read somewhere that Steven Wilson wants to go in another direction next. I loved the metal stuff, but I'm also interested to see where he goes cause I love pretty much all their stuff :) Great to see a few people here getting into them!
  18. mckindog

    mckindog Living for Sanctuary from the law Staff Member

    Blackest Eyes was the one that grabbed me first, then Trains, now this one.
    And I'm sure it will keep changing, because — like a Rush or Maiden album — it's got that kind of depth.
    Deadwing is next on my hit list, but not until I've fully absorbed this one.
  19. Jupz

    Jupz Ancient Mariner

    Awesome! I gotta think of a song soon.
  20. Vap

    Vap Ancient Mariner

    Good prog music:

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