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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Collin, Nov 17, 2016.


vote for the worst songs

Poll closed Wednesday at 5:21 PM.
  1. For Whom The Bell Tolls

  2. Fade to Black

  3. Creeping Death

  4. The Call of Ktulu

  5. Battery

  6. Master of Puppets

  7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

  8. Blackened

  9. ...And Justice For All

  10. One

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Detective Beauregard

    Detective Beauregard Dr. Shreddington

    Nothing from the black album in the top 10? I kind of understand nothing from Load or Reload or definitely the awful St. Anger, but Unforgiven and even Sad But True totally deserve to be here. Maybe it's my dislike of thrash in general, but pretty much every song on Lightning through the black album is better than even the best songs on Kill 'em All.
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  2. Deus_Adrian

    Deus_Adrian Prince of the Final Frontier

    Having now listened to these I would have voted Atlas. Had I only known.
  3. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    It is.
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  4. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Come on, let's try to get The Four Horsemen in the top 10. It's better than:
    - The Call of Ktulu
    - Battery
    - Blackened
    - ...And Justice For All
  5. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

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  6. CriedWhenBrucieLeft

    CriedWhenBrucieLeft Ancient Mariner

    All of these tracks are inferior to 1 March by Saboteurs. Stunning track.
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  7. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Always the same people who are not much into debut album material.
  8. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    I don't mind the debut, I just really really hate Metallica's cover of Mechanix, a superior song.

    Also, Ktulu cruising into the Top 10 :shred:
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  9. Unknown One

    Unknown One This is fine.

    Yes, Four Horseman should be in the top 10. But it's not better than Battery.
  10. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    Well, let's get it into the top 10 then people. Do that by voting on its immediate concurrents.

    Before voting in the next round I invite everyone to play Ktulu and then play Horsemen. And then see what is more enjoyable.
  11. The Flash

    The Flash Dennis Wilcock did 9/11

    I didn't vote for Horsemen and want it to be in the Top 10, but Ktulu is a vastly superior track. Blackened and Battery are also stronger.
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  12. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

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  13. Collin

    Collin MARK IT ZERO!

    The Four Horseman
    Seek and Destroy
    Moth Into Flame
    Atlas, Rise!

    METALLICA 2016
  14. Black Wizard

    Black Wizard Out of the Silent Planet

    The Call of Ktulu
    And Justice For All
  15. Night Prowler

    Night Prowler ɹǝlʍoɹԀ ʇɥƃᴉN Staff Member

    Voting for Creeping Death, Master Of Puppets and ...And Justice For All.

    P.S. The Call Of Ktulu FTW! :D
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  16. Deus_Adrian

    Deus_Adrian Prince of the Final Frontier

    Call One Sanitarium
  17. Detective Beauregard

    Detective Beauregard Dr. Shreddington


    Lightning is, how you say... overrated.

    Meh... it's just boring to me. Be more original and write about stuff that isn't "I am metal and it's cool to be metal and yay metal because we're different!"

    Be original. Metallica figured this out more with Lightning but even more so with Puppets and Justice. I feel the same about Sabaton and their cliche "metal" tracks. That shit makes me cringe.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017 at 3:09 AM
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  18. Forostar

    Forostar Ancient Mariner

    You fail to focus on The Four Horsemen's awesome riffs. Everything is great about this song. It's only out because some didn't protect it. Look how fast Justice and Ktulu are going. I bet there were more people who prefered Horsemen over these two.
  19. Detective Beauregard

    Detective Beauregard Dr. Shreddington

    That's probably the best song on the album, but I still don't think it can compare to the great tracks from the next three albums.
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  20. MrKnickerbocker

    MrKnickerbocker clap hands

    I am only voting for Ktulu until it fucking dies. This song belongs nowhere near the Top Ten.

    The fact that our Top Ten for one of the best heavy metal bands of all time only contains songs from 3 albums is ridiculous. I hate Metallica games.

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