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Favorite Maiden album to least favorite Maiden album

Discussion in 'Maiden Chat' started by Edthehead96, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. It is possible that I'm bumping up No Prayer due to my reaction to many people rating it so low. I think it's a terrific album.
    BUT, when I look at my individual song ratings,
    I'm giving BNW three great songs (Brave new world, blood brothers, Dream of mirrors), whereas I haven't given No Prayer any great songs.
    I have given No Prayer two bad songs (Tail gunner, The Assassin) whereas I haven't given BNW any bad songs.
    I also haven't given SIT any bad songs either. But only one great in "Alexander the Great"

    No Prayer is a really enjoyable album. I actually like Bruce's contrasting rough and smooth vocals on this album. There are a few really melodic songs. I just can't understand why many people hate it so.
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  2. soundwave

    soundwave Educated Fool

    You know....I listened to NPFTD a little today, and sometimes I think I'm too harsh on it. Honestly, if it had appeared at a different stage in their career I think I would rank it much higher. SSOASS was just so good to my ears, that anything that followed it didn't really have much of a chance (plus Adrian leaving was a punch to the stomach).
  3. RTC

    RTC Libera et impera!

    Time for an update on this me reckons.

    1: Powerslave: A+ (still my favourite album of all-time, still a masterpiece, no need to change the rank.)
    2: Brave New World: A (if Thin Line wasn't such a bore, I think this would be an A+. I've even really started to love Dream Of Mirrors recently.)
    3: Somewhere In Time: A (not really changed my perception on this album much, except souring on Deja Vu a bit, but also growing to appreciate Alexander more)
    4: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son: A- (when I first posted this list, I thought Evil was a masterpiece, which is just flat-out wrong now, despite it being a fantastic song.)
    5: The Book Of Souls: A- (no real stinkers, Shadows is a masterpiece, Eternity, Speed and the title track are great too.)
    6: Number Of The Beast: B+ (torn between a B+ and a B for this album, but the magnificence of Hallowed secures the plus)
    7: A Matter Of Life And Death: B (interestingly enough, no songs that I would consider masterpieces on this album, but plenty of good songs and no bad songs (save maybe Breeg) really helps this album in the standings.)
    8: Dance Of Death: B (extremely inconsistent, from the divine Paschendale to the crappy Gates, and everything in between. However, most of the in-between stuff is good though.)
    9: Piece Of Mind: B (Sun and Quest still suck hard, and the song order bothers me, but other than that, the album is full of good tracks, with Revelations being a masterpiece.)
    10: The Final Frontier: B (Talisman is now probably a top 5 Maiden song for me now, and Wild Wind is also up there in the ranks. Some other good songs on the album too, but a couple of songs that are overly long hurt its placement.)
    11: Iron Maiden: B (I probably overrated this because Phantom was an A+ song for me for the longest time (now it's an A). Still, pretty consistent and has a couple very good songs.)
    12: Fear Of The Dark: C+ (ignoring the abominations that are Weekend Warrior and Apparition, this is a very good album. Fear is amazing, ATSS, Wasting Love, BQOBD and Judas are all welcome additions to the album too.)
    13: The X-Factor: C+ (perhaps even more inconsistent than Dance of Death. Darkness is a masterpiece, and Sign, Blood and Lord are all great. But Look For The Truth is awful, and a lot of songs just come and go without leaving an impact.)
    14: Killers: C (title track kicks all kinds of ass, Wrathchild, Purgatory, Murders and Prodigal are all good tracks too. But even the title track isn't quite enough to sell the album here.)
    15: Virtual XI: C (Virtual is a lot different from X-Factor because besides Eyes Of A Stranger (which is absolutely awful), there are no bad tracks here, they're just...kind of there. Clansman and Futureal help stop the album from being a bore though.)
    16: No Prayer For The Dying: D+ (still sucks, Holy Smoke and the title track are the only good songs.)
  4. Metal Warrior 330

    Metal Warrior 330 Educated Fool

    I like this method, and its fair. I like all of Maiden's albums and its very hard to rate albums and songs sometimes but I'll try Srogyy's method

    Somewhere In Time
    Piece of Mind
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    Number of the Beast
    Brave New World
    Fear of the Dark
    Iron Maiden
    The Final Frontier
    The Book of Souls
    X Factor
    Virtual XI
    A Matter of Live and Death
    No Prayer For The Dying
    Dance of Death
  5. Littestu66

    Littestu66 Invader

    1. Number of the Beast
    2. Powerslave
    3. Book of Souls
    4. Piece of Mind
    5. A Matter of Life and Death
    6. Somewhere in Time
    7. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    8. Brave New World
    9. Killers
    10. Dance of Death
    11. Final Frontier
    12. Iron Maiden
    13. Fear of the Dark
    14. No Prayer for the Dying
    15.The X factor
    16. Virtual XI
  6. bornless1

    bornless1 Messiah Supreme. True Leader of Men.

    1: Dance of death
    Piece of mind

    2: 7th son, numbers, killers, AMOLAD

    3: Brace new world, somewhere in time

    4: final frontier,

    5: no prayer, fear of the dark, book of souls

    6: X factor

    7 virtual , Iron Maiden
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  7. DurantCW4

    DurantCW4 Prowler

    This seems like fun! I'll attempt a traditional list

    1. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    2. Number of the Beast
    3. Powerslave
    4. Somewhere in Time
    5. Brave New World
    6. The Book of Souls
    7. The Final Frontier
    8. A Matter of Life and Death
    9. Piece of Mind
    10. Killers
    11. Iron Maiden
    12. Dance of Death
    13. Fear of the Dark
    14. No Prayer for the Dying
    15. Virtual IX
    16. The X Factor
  8. SirRobbins

    SirRobbins Educated Fool

    Somewhere in Time (A++++++++)
    Powerslave (A++)
    Brave New World (A+)

    The Books of Souls (A-)
    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (B+)
    Piece of Mind (Most songs (B+)
    A Matter of Life and Death (B+)

    Killers (B-)
    Iron Maiden (B-)
    X Factor (C+)

    Number of the Beast (C-)
    No Prayer for the Dying (C-)
    Fear of the Dark (C-)
    Dance of Death (D+)

    WTF were they thinking:
    The Final Frontier (D-)
    Virtual XI (F)
  9. PieceofMind89

    PieceofMind89 Prowler

    1.Piece of Mind A+
    2.Somewhere in Time A+
    3.Powerslave A
    4.Killers A
    5.Iron Maiden A-
    6.The Number of the Beast A-
    7.Seventh Son of a Seventh Son A-
    8.The Book of Souls B+
    9.Brave New World B+
    10.Fear of the Dark B
    11.A Matter of Life and Death B
    12.Dance of Death B
    13.The Final Frontier B-
    14.No Praying for the Dying C+
    15. X Factor D
    16. Virtual XI D-

    I couldn't give an Iron Maiden album an F because their musicianship is great.
  10. Operations666

    Operations666 Trooper

    1. Powerslave
    2. Fear of the Dark
    3. The Final Frontier
    4-13. Everything else except:
    14. No prayer for the Dying
    15. Virtual XI
    16. The X Factor

    But even the 3 lowest albums are good. They're just not up to the standards of greatness of the other 13.
  11. Wogmidget

    Wogmidget I rather like the restless nights

    Ok . . .

    1. Seventh Son
    2. Somewhere in Time
    3. Piece of Mind
    4. The Book of Souls
    =5. Brave New World
    =5. Powerslave
    7. A Matter of Life and Death
    8. Dance of Death
    =9. The Number of the Beast
    =9. The Final Frontier
    11. Iron Maiden
    12. Killers
    13. Fear of the Dark
    14. No Prayer for the Dying
    15. Virtual XI
    16. The X Factor

    The last 5 or 6 placings aren't particularly solid, because I don't often listen to the non-standout tracks. I'd probably rate FOTD higher if it weren't for 3 or 4 very average songs
  12. EddiesMum

    EddiesMum Prowler

    1. A Matter of Life and Death
    2. Brave New World
    3. X Factor
    4. 7th Son
    5. Powerslave
    6. The Book of Souls
    7. Dance of Death
    8. Final Frontier
    9. Somewhere in Time
    10. Piece of Mind
    11. Number of the Beast
    12. No Prayer
    13. Iron Maiden
    14. Virtual XI
    15. Fear of the Dark
    16. Killers
  13. Ruflux

    Ruflux Nomad

    Funnily enough I've never even thought about this so might as well:

    1. Seventh Son
    2. Somewhere in Time
    3. A Matter of Life and Death
    4. Piece of Mind
    5. Powerslave
    6. The Book of Souls
    7. The Number of the Beast
    8. Brave New World
    9. The Final Frontier
    10. Dance of Death
    11. Killers
    12. Iron Maiden
    13. No Prayer for the Dying
    14. Fear of the Dark
    15. The X Factor
    16. Virtual XI

    Have to say I wasn't expecting the first two to sit so low, but it's not like they're bad albums. Far from it, they're damn good stuff, but I just ultimately enjoyed TFF and DoD more than either the debut or Killers. No Prayer I feel is fun in its unique way and not overlong like FotD so it gets the nod. Both have some very good songs, but are ultimately pretty weak as a whole.

    TXF I find bores me to death. It too has some decent tracks, but the album as a whole just doesn't click with me. I think it might edge out FotD though, but I feel like an album with two or three genuinely nice tunes should rank higher than an album full of boring ones that only sound decent live (2 A.M. being the only exception). VXI is just plain bad. The Clansman is about the only highlight and even that mostly pales next to some of Steve's later work. Futureal is okay too I guess, but I find it sounds much better live, with Bruce.

    I'm fairly confident in 1-3, but the order might change sometimes based on my mood. 4-8 are more muddy, but I went with what felt right. Honestly I don't have the same kind of appreciation for BNW I've seen some folk have so it might sit even lower realistically. I just feel everything it does, other Maiden albums do better. Exception production, because goddamn that album still sounds great to my ears. Guitars could stand to be a little louder, though.

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